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At Soulcial Kitchen, we offer a wide variety of options for catering in Belleville IL and surrounding areas.  We can help with many different types of events or parties to include:  weddings, rehearsal dinners, office parties, baby/bridal showers, business meetings or private family events.  You can feel extra special with our multiple food truck options to include:  El Guaqo Taco, A Fine Swine BBQ, Soulcial Smash Burgers and more!  We provide on-site and off-site event services. In your home or office, we can customize a menu, prepare your favorite dishes or build a buffet style presentation and are available for any budget. Let us create great event memories for you and your guests!

Are you needing catering in Belleville IL sooner rather than later?  planning on having something soon? No matter if you’re having an event next week or next year, fill out our easy contact form and we’ll get right back to you with our prices and availability.

Some Important Things To Cover:

Budgeting Options.  The first thing you need to do is to check how much money you are planning to allocate for your catering event.  Your budget determines the number of dishes and staff that we can provide.

If you are a little tight on budget, we can provide different food truck suggestions that are affordable substitutes rather than having a large catered event.

Headcount!  You will need to finalize a headcount for your event as soon as possible so we can make sure we bring enough food.  Knowing how many people will attend can help determine how many food trucks we will need along with staffing for the event. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a large function, our catering in Belleville IL company will be up to the task.

Food Options.  Consider what kind of food your guests will like to have.  Would they prefer Mexican, BBQ, or Smash burgers?  Let us know what food options your guest would prefer.  We can provide a custom menu for larger events upon request.

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We have a variety of delicious food for any occasion!

Soulcial Kitchen has the Best Catering Offerings for any Events in the St. Louis Metro East. Let Soulcial Kitchen Restaurant serve your family, friends, teammates, coworkers, or your community. Here at Soulcial Kitchen, we have so many food options you can choose from to delight any taste buds. Use the form to have us contact you about your event or special need!

    Belleville IL Catering Company

    Making your event’s dining experience memorable can be a large task for a Belleville IL catering company.  The occasion is never complete without serving delicious and filling food. Whether you are planning an intimate private gathering or a large-scale corporate event, hiring a good caterer can help you save the time and stress of handling every detail on your own.

    At Soulcial Kitchen, we are dedicated to making all of your social gatherings and events memorable by serving meticulously crafted dishes. We have an extensive selection of menu items for appetizers, salads, entrees, desserts, and more. Our team will go above and beyond in helping you create an event that is truly and deliciously special. You and your guests will go home full and completely satisfied with our service.

    Belleville IL catering can get expensive, even for small events.  If you have an event that you want to host at a location, but you are not sure what to do about food, call us or submit a form request to see what kind of options we have available to you.  Our food trucks can travel and bring large amounts of food to you and your party.

    For example, It would be easy to bring out our smash burger food truck to your local event at the park.  Maybe you are an event planner for local festivals and events in your town.  We can service areas all over the St. Louis area and can have a food truck at your event without much trouble at all!


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    Caterers in Belleville IL know that our services depend heavily upon location options for parties and events.  If you need an event space to host your local event, be sure to contact us for more information.  We host local live music events on our campus where we are known for having a wide variety of food available to serve our guests.  Be sure to check out our social media pages for updates on our live music options.  If you decide you want to host your event with us, we will work to set the right atmosphere for you and your guests.


    Just imagine, you could be sitting out on our outdoor patio one afternoon listening to some live music and dining on some of the best BBQ you have ever tasted.  Caterers in Belleville IL have trouble setting the right mood with the limited space they have available to them.  Feel free to bring your dogs and enjoy our dog park in Belleville IL.  What makes us different from many other restaurants and caterers is our ability to take our operation on the road.  Owning a brick and mortar operation is great, but having the ability to take our operation on the road is a real game changer.


    We operate the Currency of Caring Program that helps feed people in areas that have food insecurities.  One of our primary goals at Soulcial Kitchen is to reduce the levels of food insecurity in the county through an innovative “Currency of Caring” dignified dining meal toke program.  Many of our customers purchase tokens that go towards feeding those people who are less fortunate.  The “tokens” can be purchased for a fixed wholesale price and can be provided to anyone who may be experiencing levels of food insecurity.  These tokens are redeemable(at no cost to the presenter) at any Soulcial Kitchen food trucks operating in the community!  Part of our mission is to “Feed the hungry and help those in trouble” Isaiah 58:10

    Our many unique programs help us to take our operation on the road to help communities that are struggling and in need of support.  When you look for caterers in Belleville IL, know that you are supporting an organization that is helping to feed the poor and less fortunate.  Our greatest gift is to have the opportunity to bless people with good wholesome food.  Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions regarding our various programs to help feed the hungry.  Also, be sure to keep us in mind the next time you are looking to have your events catered.